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It’s my pleasure to give you a warm welcome to the MPA’s national conference Mineral Products 2019.

The construction industry is changing. Digital technology is opening new possibilities, the landscape of UK politics is creating fresh opportunities and challenges, and the way we use energy is shifting. That’s why this year’s theme ‘Planning Long… Embracing Change’ is so important.
This conference will help us all to explore the evolution taking place in construction and how it will impact the way we all work in the future.

As the largest British third-party logistics (3PL) company, Wincanton is always exploring new ways of doing things. We’re committed to safety, sustainability and innovation, with our W2 Labs programme driving developments in all of these areas. This is backed up by our 90+ years of operational excellence, in which we’ve moved from our origins in the dairy industry to become market leaders across areas such as construction, energy, and home and eFulfilment.

Chris Fenton, Managing Director – Industrial & Transport


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